7 lifestyle tips to help you survive COVID-19 

  1. ​Look for alternatives to pasta, bread and rice including multigrain/barley wraps, sweet potatoes, lentils, canned beans, and quinoa. Fist size portions as a rough guide.

  2. Carrots, broccoli, oranges, apples, sweet potatoes, and lettuce are examples of long-lasting fruits and vegetables. Buy these to avoid frequent visits to your supermarket.

  3. Keep your immunity in check

    • Consuming probiotics can be used to strengthen your immune system. Probiotics are commonly found in yoghurt, kefir, tempeh, and kimchi. 

    • Vitamin A, vitamin C, Vitamin E and Iron which help to strengthen your immunity. 

      • Vitamin A is commonly found in tomatoes, carrots, eggs, fish oil, dark green leafy vegetables such as broccoli and spinach.

      • Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits, capsicum, cauliflower, broccoli, berries and in chilli.

      • Vitamin E is found in nuts including almonds and walnuts, and in vegetable oils.

      • Iron is typically found in red meat, eggs, green leafy vegetables including spinach, fortified cereals, beans, tofu and in lentils. 

  4. Practice intuitive eating. If you are about to consume an unhealthy snack, ask yourself, "am I really hungry?"

  5. Avoid purchasing unhealthy snacks and beverages in large amounts to avoid undesirable snacking throughout the day.

  6. This is the perfect time to set routines around meal/snack times. This will reduce mindless eating emotional/boredom eating. 

  7. Set a routine for daily/weekly exercise (it's one of the only reasons we can leave the house.. right?)

Special mention to Nutritional Science student Meher Deepak Vatvani for assisting me in putting this list together. Check out her recipes under the Recipes tab of this website.

Accredited Practicing Dietitian  Accredited Nutritionist 

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