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Diabetes, food intolerance and NDIS specific Dietitian/Nutritionist operating in Melbourne’s South Eastern suburbs

Russell is also a Credentialled Diabetes Educator


Whether you are trying to manage a medical condition, control your weight, feed your family healthy and nutritious meals or read food labels, our Accredited Practising Dietitian/Accredited Sports Dietitian can help.

Russell's philosophy involves helping clients to set attainable and realistic goals in order to achieve sustainable and long lasting health.


What can Russell help with?


Russell has also completed a Graduate Certificate in Diabetes Education and Health Care through Mayfield Education.

Completing this additional qualification has enabled Russell to further educate himself in the field of Diabetes and further understand the personal and psychological aspects involved in diabetes management. ​

IBS is common, affecting one in five Australians at some point in time. IBS belongs to the so-called functional gastrointestinal disorders and can be treated with a number of dietary approaches. All of which, Russell is very familiar with.

Weight Loss (Fat loss)

There are many different ways to achieve long term weight maintenance/loss and this is largely a trial and error process to attain the best fit for an individual.

Russell tends to base his strategies on aspects of a lower carbohydrate approach in conjunction with routine based, portion controlled and lower calorie meals.


Russell is currently NDIS registered and accredited to assist NDIS and plan managed participants. The majority of his disability based work involves those with Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS) and as a result, has developed an in-depth understanding of this condition and how to assist from a diet/nutritional standpoint.

Presentations and Consulting

Russell frequently provides presentations and consultancy involving healthy eating, diabetes management and sports nutrition. Please get in touch to find out if he can assist with your request.

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