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Eggs: Are they all they're cracked up to be?

Previously thought to be detrimental to cholesterol levels, it is now known that eggs are predominantly Monounsaturated (healthy) fat and may be beneficial to heart health and cholesterol profiles.

Along with a healthy fat ratio, each egg has around 6g of protein, 80-100 calories and is rich in both essential vitamins and Iron. Making it a great snack for those conscious of weight management.

Eggs are rich in Lutein, protecting our vision as we age, and Choline for brain development.

The heart foundation recommends that up to 6 eggs per week can be included as part of a healthy diet. It is important however, to be mindful that wide variety of protein based foods should be included in a healthy diet.

Now that Easter is over, replace your chocolate and cream eggs with the real deal!

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