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Sushi Roll Vs Rice Paper Roll

So, feeling like a little snack and want to go for something Asian inspired? Sushi roll? Rice paper roll? Same same right? Not quite!

Many sushi roll options (raw tuna/raw salmon/prawn) provide relatively low calories (~100cal each). Other options such as cooked tuna mayo, (210cal), tempura prawn (140) or crispy chicken (192) can be as much as double the calories and come with hidden nasties like saturated and trans fats.

Sushi is traditionally made using sticky white rice (Shari) and restaurants often add oil, vinegar, sugar and salt to make it stickier. This makes sushi quite a HIGH GI (89) snack option.

Rice paper rolls are hard to fault, extremely low calorie (60-100cal), the filling is usually raw fish or healthy cuts of chicken and beef.

Sauce is usually provided on the side and is traditionally Hoisin sauce, which has a far lower sodium content (14%) than that of soy sauce (57%), which is the traditional accompaniment of sushi.

Vermicelli or rice noodles also used in the filling of rice paper rolls are naturally low GI (<55) keeping us fuller for longer.

Its important to understand that both options are low calorie/healthy options. However, understanding these subtle differences may help you in achieving your nutrition goal.

This week's winner is the RICE PAPER ROLL, taking it out in a thriller.

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